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Valve insertion service uses advanced technology to insert a valve directly into the main operating pipeline, at tight spaces and minimum manpower, without system interruption or shutdown.


  1. Direct insertion of a valve on operating pipeline
  2. No system interruptions or shutdown required
  3. Less manpower required to insert a valve
  4. Compact design for tight spaces
  5. Higher efficiency and productivity
  6. Fast completion of maximum 8 hours for 24” valve
  7. Short onsite preparation and service time
  8. Restores pipe to service quickly
  9. Minimal cutting during servicing
  10. Lightweight valve prevent weakening of pipe integrity
  11. Reduction in time and resources required to locate the valve chamber


  1. Pipe material: Any pipe material
  2. Pipe diameter: 4” to 24”
  3. Pipe medium: Liquids
  4. Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  5. Maximum operating temperature: 300°C
  6. Underground and above-ground


  1. Underground and above-ground pipe
  2. Ideal for emergency works when valve is faulty or required to be inserted
  3. Suitable for delicate pipes
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