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Semi-Conductor Plant
Leak area: 8inch Valve flange
System Medium: Natural Gas
System Pressure: 2.5Bar
Valve body: Cast Iron
Flange Material: Carbon Steel
Leak Conditions:
A natural gas leak was found on an 8 inch valve’s flange; the system pressure was 2.5 bar. The leakage was detected at 2200hrs. Due to the high risk of ignition and safety for everyone, immediate containment was required.
Traditional Leak Containment Versus Composite Leak Repair due to the medium of the leak, any solution with hot work was not permitted. With the irregular valve body shape, it added another level of difficulty to the repair method. By Using Traditional Leak Containment would require longer lead time to fabricate and install, concurrently the system would be required to shut down. Under this circumstances, resolving the leak immediately was our priority. Therefore, Composite repair methodology was adopted in this scenario. Composite Repair allowed the repair to start immediately and with the added flexibility to seal leak on odd-shaped object.
Technical Solutions:
Alstern’s specialist used 1 ‘SmartStic epoxy’ to divert the leak to a single point. 2‘Fix & Fast Bond Repair putty’ was used as the primary seal to seal the last point of leak and anchored via the 3‘Stainless-steel clip. It was left to cure and observe for 6 hours to ensure that the leak was fully sealed. While waiting for the putty to be cured, an encasement was fabricated and 4‘CorSmart Resin’ was used to fill the encasement, forming the secondary seal. To secure and provide a high resistance external protection against wear and tear or weather conditions; 5‘SealXtreme Fiber Glass tape’ was used as the final coating.
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