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Since incorporation in the year 2004, Alstern Technologies expanded from humble pipeline specialist to a one-stop solutions provider. Alstern constantly provides innovative engineering solutions by delivering specialise pipeline solutions, repair solutions and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services to all supporting Customers. Alstern has successfully delivered numerous projects in Oil and Gas plant refurbishment, upgrading or new and existing building services, aboveground and underground infrastructure development.

Over the year, Alstern received numerous certifications and recognitions from Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore and our supporting customers.

For better control of qualities and continuous improvement of our services, Alstern establishes Alchem Manufacturing. Alchem provides Research and Development services and manufacture facility to produce the chemical products. Each product is developed within a controlled environment to ensure the quality and simplicity in using Alchem Manufacturing’s products. C-SmartSeal®, the product brand under Alchem, features products to repair, rebuild, and resolve repair difficulties.

In addition to the head office in Singapore, Alstern has regional offices in Hong Kong, Myanmar and Indonesia. Our worldwide partners include Middle East, Malaysia, Korea and India.


To lead development and build nations with reduce or zero carbon footprint.


To develop and nurture today’s engineering technologies, values, and specialities for a better tomorrow. Provide world-class services and the best technologies, practices, and values to our customers. Creating an excellent environment for everyone.


We believe in challenging the status quo to stay ahead in the ever-changing environment. By capitalizing on the great ideas of our people, partners and resources to develop advanced technologies and deliver greater values to our supporting customers.


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