Alstern was incorporated in the year 2004. The continuous support we receive from our partners have allowed us to expand our businesses from pipeline specialist to a one-stop solutions provider; excelling as one of the trusted Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company.

Our product division, Alchem Manufacturing, focuses in research and development of chemical products. It has established two worldwide recognise brands; C-SmartSeal and A-PolySys serving the repair and green technology industries.

In addition to our head office in Singapore, we have established regional offices in Hong Kong and Myanmar. Our worldwide partners spread across Middle East and Asia regions.



Lead and build with reduce of zero carbon footprint.


Develop and nurture today’s engineering technologies, values and specialties for the betterment of tomorrow. Providing excellent services and best practices to our partners.


We believe in challenging the status quo to stay ahead in the ever-changing environment. Capitalising the great ideas of our people, partners and resources to create greater value adding technologies and services to everyone around us.

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