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The worlds first universal Locator also locates plastic water pipes




 Locates any non-metallic water pipe, e.g. MDPE, uPVC, Asbestos cement etc.

 Locates all metallic pipes

 Locates live cables

 Visual and audible indication

 Depth indication of up to six metres

 Simple operation

DETECTION Pipeline Detection and Tracing

The signal generator is placed on the ground over (but not in contact with) the pipe. This induces a signal in the water within the non-metallic water pipe, which the DETECTON head is equipped to receive.


This water-borne signal is detectable at depths of up to 6 meters and distances of up to 100 meters from the generating source, thus enabling the course of the water pipe to be accurately plotted.


The next section of pipe can simply be traced by repositioning the signal generator.

Principals of operation Non-metallic water pipes

The DETECTON can measure the depth of any service up to 6 meters or more.

Measures depth of buried services

The DETECTON signal generator is suitable for both direct connection and contactless signal induction.

Signal tranmission

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The DETECTON is designed for the precise location of all underground service pipes and cables. It not only functions on metallic pipes and cables, but also allows you to trace the course of plastic, concrete, and other non-metallic pipes.


This sophisticated locator is in daily use throughout the world and has established its superiority and accuracy under the most divergent environmental and climatic conditions.


The level of performance and versatility, the high selectivity and unique characteristics of this truly universal locator ensure that it will provide successful results where conventional detectors would fail.

The DETECTON can, of course, be used for normal metal pipe route tracing. Thanks to its high power output, exceptional tracing lengths can be obtained.

Conventional metal pipe tracing

Different transmission frequencies can be selected so as to obtain the best tracing result.

Optimum detection frequency

In addition to an audible signal, an LED display gives visual confirmation of pipe, cable or leak location.

Audio/ Visual indication

Technical Specifications

Introducing DETECTION a major breakthrough for the water, gas electricity and telecommunication industry

Live cables can be detected with the receiver alone (without using the transmitter).

Simple cable detection

The special acoustic characteristics permit leak detection with every kind of pipe material, especially also with plastic pipes. A simple adaptor allows the ground microphone to be used on soft terrain (grass, fields etc).

Suitable for any pipe material and all terrains

The high acoustic sensitivity permits detection under particularly difficult local conditions, such as uPVC, MDPE pipes, or domestic connections in gardens and fields, or under low operating pressures.

High acoustic sensitivity

The latest electronic technology enables, after only a brief familiarization, to locate pipe and cables or leaks within minutes.

Ease of operation

Supplied complete with all standard accessories, operating instructions and quality carrying case.

All inclusive


2400 gr (5.3 lb)

193 x 110 x 113 mm (7.7" x 4.4" x 4.5")


850 gr (1.8 lb)

130 x 60 x 105 mm (5.2" x 2.4" x 4.2")

Operating temperature:

-10C to +55C (14F to 131F)

High frequency:

65.50 kHz

Low frequency setting:

1.35 kHz

Transmitter Power output:

4.50 Watts